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I bridge the gap between Technology, Economics, and Creativity

Andrea Venturelli

Born in the Web1 era, grew up in the Web2.0. Today, I see the Web3 as the key to taking back control over our own data, content, and securing our personal freedoms.

Today, my focus is on the Web3 and Digital Assets industry.

I founded a company called DECRYPTO to offer research, courses and workshops on Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, and Web3 technologies.

I frequently speak at events. In my latest TEDx talk, I delve into the future of the Creator Economy through NFTs and the Metaverse. In an interview on Hacking Creativity, I explore how Web3 is transforming the ways communities and creators collaborate.

After nearly three decades in the city, I’ve decided to make a semi-deserted island in the Atlantic Ocean my home.

I’m only active on LinkedIn, but the best way to reach me is via this form.

Every Saturday morning, I send out the DECRYPTO newsletter to decrypt infos about cryptocurrencies for over 2500 people.