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Hey! I'm Andrea Venturelli 👋🏄

Over the past decade, I’ve led companies as Founder and created thriving communities.

Now, busy on building services and products in Web3.

Proof of Learning

Founder, 2024

  • Developed an online education platform that enables companies to stay current with the Digital Asset industry through customized live cohort-based courses.
  • Established a network of expert teachers in various fields including digital asset compliance, web3 marketing, operational security (opsec), and economics.


Founder + Researcher, 2021

  • Founded and built a Substack newsletter from the ground up, attracting over 2,500 subscribers including executives, consultants, and freelancers, focused on web3 topics.
  • Led educational programs both IRL and online, educating over 500 professionals and employees.


Speaker, 2021

  • The speech explores how ownership in the creator economy, facilitated by NFTs, helps to build closer relationships with communities.

Content Creator

Freelance, 2018

  • Produced a podcast focused on new technologies and creativity.
  • Interviewed more than 70 entrepreneurs, creators, and startup founders.
  • Achieved status as one of the most listened-to podcasts in Italy on Apple Music in 2019.
  • Accumulated over 500,000 views on YouTube.

Video Production Company

Founder + Director, 2015

  • Founded and managed video production company focused on events and advertisements.
  • Clients: Universal Music, HP, Corona, McArthur, Peroni, BMW, Audi, Barilla, Adidas, American Express, Campari, Vodafone